Final Exam Schedule

The first scheduled meeting time for a class determines the final examination period for that class. Classes having a common final examination for all sections should consult the schedule below for the exam times of common finals.

Students with a time conflict between two final exams scheduled opposite each other in a regular examination time slot should take a copy of their class schedule to the instructors and request accommodation of the time conflict.

By policy, during finals week, students are required to sit for no more than two final exams in a single calendar day period. Students with three or more finals in a single calendar day period have the right to an alternative exam date(s) for each exam exceeding two. They must submit a formal request for an alternative date in writing, along with an official copy of their class schedule for verification purposes, to the professors of those classes involved to see if one will voluntarily move the exam. This request form and additional information can be obtained at your dean’s office and must be completed before the final day to drop a full semester class with a mark of "W" for the term.

Schedules for previous terms are available in the Registrar's archive.