Degree Audit

Your degree audit outlines the requirements that you have satisfied and the ones that you still need to complete. These are available in UAConnect to undergraduates and are based on your degree plan at the time the audits are processed.

Since any change to your academic record, such as changes to your registration or your program may affect your degree completion, we encourage you to view your degree audit whenever you make registration changes, after grades are posted at the end of a term, and in preparation for an advising appointment for the next advanced registration period.

Degree audits are an academic advising tool and are not an official degree certification. They should be used in conjunction with the Catalog of Studies and regular meetings with your academic advisor. If you have questions concerning your degree audit, contact your academic advisor or your college Dean’s office.


To view your degree audit, please log in to UAConnect and click on the Degree Audit tile:

Student Center Degree Audit Link

  1. The degree audit report selection page will open automatically with several options.
  2. Click on the desired plan to open your degree audit. 

Degree Audit Plan Selection

Detailed instructions can be found on this UAConnect help page.

Please see your academic advisor if you have questions regarding your degree audit. For help locating your advisor, please see Academic Advising .

Degree audit example:

Degree Audit Example


Advisors can view a degree audit in UAConnect via their Faculty/Advisor Center Homepage.  Log in to UAConnect and follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Advisor Center tile.
  2. Select the student from the advisee list or search for a student not listed.

Advisor Student Center - Degree Audit Link

3. Click on the degree audit link.

Degree Audit Plan Selection

4. Click on the desired plan to open the degree audit.

Degree Audit Academics Tab

Click here for detailed information on using the degree audit.

To view a listing of administrative contacts for exceptions to minors, click here.

Degree audit example:

Degree Audit Example


Those users who have administrative security can click here to get detailed instructions on using the degree audit, including how to make substitutions or exceptions.  

To view a listing of administrative contacts for exceptions to minors, click here.

The degree audit is available under the Navigator in UAConnect by going to Academic Advisement > UA AA Custom Components > Degree Audits > Degree Audit (Admin).

Requests for a user to have administrative security to the degree audit must be submitted by the UAConnect security approver in the appropriate dean’s office.