Schedule Planner

Schedule Planner is a web-based class scheduling tool that is easy to use and will allow students to quickly build their schedule, taking into account their personal time requirements (work, athletics, leisure, etc.). Students will be able to access the Schedule Planner from their Student Homepage in UAConnect under the Manage Classes tile any time after the Schedule of Classes is released for the appropriate term.

Students will be able to:

  • Set specific variables (Course Status, Term, Sessions, Campus Location) to narrow their search for the best potential schedule.
  • Search for and review availability of courses they are interested in taking before their registration appointment date.
  • Create custom daily breaks for times they do not want to schedule classes.
  • Generate and view all possible combinations using the selected classes and break times.
  • Lock in a particular class section(s) they prefer and re-generate only available schedules using the locked class section(s). The “Lock in” feature does not guarantee the preferred section. Students must still enroll through UAConnect.
  • Directly import the selected schedule to their UAConnect shopping cart where final UAConnect enrollment procedures must be completed.