Student Records

Access your class schedule or grades at this site, or learn how to order a transcript with a printable request form. Details on updating your address are also available.

Academic Bankruptcy

The University of Arkansas offers students who are returning to the university following an absence of five or more years the opportunity to declare Academic Bankruptcy if they meet certain criteria. To see if you qualify, please read more about Academic Bankruptcy.

Academic Standards Committee Petition

Undergraduate students wishing to petition for a waiver of academic rules regarding matters of probation, suspension, dismissal and other rules and regulations related to academic progress and graduation should submit a petition to the Academic Standards Committee.

Academic Status Policy

A student's academic status in the university is determined at the end of each term of enrollment (fall, spring or summer) on the basis of the student's cumulative and/or term grade point average (GPA) and number of hours earned. For more information, please read the Academic Status Policy.

Update Personal Information

Current students may change their address in their student center in UAConnect. Former students will need to complete the address change form or contact the Alumni Association. Faculty and Staff will need to login in to their BASIS Account to make the necessary changes. To process a change of name on an academic record, proper documentation is required. Documentation can be in the form of a marriage license, divorce decree, birth certificate or court order. For more information, please read the Name Change Policy.

Enrollment Verifications Request

Enrollment verifications provide directory information such as a student's name, month and day of birth and enrollment status and serves as proof of a student's enrollment.

NSLDS Enrollment Reporting Policy

Enrollment reporting by the University of Arkansas to the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) is done via the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC). The Office of the Registrar collects the enrollment information from the university’s student information system and sends it to the NSC according to the schedule below as required to be compliant with federal regulations.

Fall and Spring Terms

Report Submission Schedule
First of Term Within 30 days after the start of the term
Subsequent of Term Within 45 days after the First of Term file
Subsequent of Term 2 Within 45 days after the Subsequent of Term file
End of Term Within 1 week after the term end date
Graduates 4-6 weeks after degree conferral date

Summer Terms

Report Submission Schedule
End of Term Within 1 week after the term end date
Graduates 4-6 weeks after degree conferral date

Any adjustments to the report required by the NSC are verified and completed by the Office of the Registrar and submitted electronically using the NSC secure portal. The NSC then processes the enrollment file and sends it to the NSLDS in compliance with their reporting requirements.


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, commonly known as FERPA, is a federal law designed to protect the privacy of student education records. With few exceptions, all student education records are considered confidential and may not be released without written consent of the student. This protection for college education records begins when the student enrolls in a higher education institution, regardless of the student's age.


The following topics are covered under Grades:

  • Definitions of grades and marks
  • Incomplete grades
  • Undergraduate grade appeal process
  • Undergraduate grade exclusion policy

Resident Reclassification

Students who have established a bona fide domicile in Arkansas following initial classification as a non-resident must request reclassification if they want their status recognized for fee purposes. Students should complete a reclassification application no later than the fifth day of classes.

Release of Education Records

Students may grant the release of academic records using the FERPA 3rd Party Release option in UAConnect.

Transcript Request

Release of official transcripts requires written authorization from the student for each request. Student may request a transcript in person, by mail or online here: Click here