An intersession is a 10-day class session that is offered before the beginning of the regular full session in the fall, spring, and summer terms.  Intersession classes are available to continuing students, returning students and transfer students.  Registration for an intersession is not allowed for first semester new freshmen. 

Coursework during an intersession is very concentrated and intensive. It is recommended that students talk with their advisor before enrolling in an intersession course.


There will be three intersessions throughout the academic year: May Intersession, August Intersession, and January Intersession.

The intersession calendar includes one Saturday class in most sessions, but may include two Saturday classes in January during some years. The January intersession may also vary between 8-10 days depending on the academic calendar.

See the Academic Semester Calendar for a complete list of important dates for each intersession.


Registration for an intersession is available to all students except for new freshmen.

Students will enroll for the May and August intersessions during the same period they register for summer and fall classes. Enrollment for the January intersession will take place during the registration period for spring classes.

Class Times

The start and end times for intersession classes will vary throughout the day.

For a general 10-day intersession, classes will meet every day for 75 minutes per one hour of credit. A typical 3-hour intersession class will meet every day for 3 hours and 45 minutes.

Labs will meet for approximately 4 hours.

Enrollment Policies

Students are limited to taking one course for a maximum of 4 credit hours.

For enrollment purposes, the hours taken during an intersession will count toward the upcoming regular term. For instance, the hours taken in the August intersession will count toward the enrollment for the fall term. This will be the case for financial aid and scholarship purposes, as well as enrollment verifications for the term. Therefore, if a student needs 15 hours for a scholarship, he may enroll in 3 hours during the August intersession and 12 hours during the fall regular term for a total of 15 hours for the fall term.

  • August Intersession – hours included in the total fall term enrollment
  • January Intersession – hours included in the total spring term enrollment
  • May Intersession – hours included in the total summer term enrollment


The add deadline for an intersession course is the first day of class. Students must drop an intersession course before the first day of class to receive a full fee adjustment. See the Academic Semester Calendar for a complete list of drop deadlines and refund percentages.

Final Exams

The last day of the term is designated as final exam day. This is the 11th day of the intersession for May, August and some January intersessions. Some January intersessions will be 8 or 9 class days with the final exam on the 9th or 10th day respectively.