Academic Standards Committee

The Academic Standards Committee operates under the authority of the Campus Faculty. Its charge, as adopted by the Campus Faculty on April 28, 1977, is published in the Faculty Handbook (December 1980) as follows:

"Recommends policies concerning grading, examinations, academic probation and exclusion and related matters; reviews the enforcement and effectiveness of these policies; and adjudicates petitions for readmission and variance to academic policies."

Operational Procedures of the Committee

  1. Ordinarily the Academic Standards Committee meets about one week prior to the first day of registration for each semester and the first summer session to adjudicate petitions. It meets other times as necessary to consider matters placed before it. For more information see the Academic Standards Committee calendar.
  2. The committee’s action is to approve or deny the petition. Incomplete petitions will not be considered.
  3. Following each meeting, the chairman will notify by e-mail each petitioner of the action taken and provide a list to the appropriate dean.

General Criteria

  1. Circumstances which result in the need for a student to file the petition must be unusual and compelling.
  2. Positive evidence must be shown in the petition that the circumstance(s) which caused the petition to be filed has (have) been corrected to the point where the student can now reasonably be expected to succeed academically. For retroactive withdrawal of course(s), supporting documentation from the instructor of record must be included.
  3. Available academic information (e.g., test scores, high school grades, grades in lower level or preparatory courses) should indicate a reasonable probability of success in the chosen curriculum.
  4. Petitions must be filed on the proper form, must be complete and should include both the required recommendations of the Dean and additional supporting letters if required by the petition.
  5. Academic Standards Petition form.
  6. Students who are petitioning for readmission from their first academic dismissal and who have not attended the UA for at least one full academic year and who submit at least 12 hours of general education core classes or upper-level classes with at least a 3.0 grade-point average in this coursework can be considered for automatic readmission and should only complete the shorter Request to Return After Academic Dismissal form.  Students who do not meet these conditions must complete the full Academic Standards Committee petition form.