Academic Standards Committee Petition

Undergraduate students wishing to petition for a waiver of academic rules regarding matters of probation, suspension, dismissal, and other rules and regulations related to academic progress and graduation should submit a petition to the Academic Standards Committee. This committee is composed of faculty and students and serves as a referral body for these issues. Students wishing to submit a petition should follow the directions below. For more detailed information regarding the petitioning process, students should visit his/her college's dean's office or the Office of the Registrar.

  1. Download the Academic Standards Committee petition form. This form is for undergraduate students only. To view or print, you must have Adobe Reader (free download).

 Students who are petitioning for readmission from their first academic dismissal and who have not attended the UA for at least one full academic year and who submit at least 12 hours of general education core classes or upper-level classes with at least a 3.0 grade-point average in this coursework can be considered for automatic readmission and should only complete the shorter Request to Return After Academic Dismissal form.  Students who do not meet these conditions must complete the full Academic Standards Committee petition form.

Follow all directions outlined on page one of the petition. Letters of recommendation are needed for some types of petitions, thus it is recommended to start early to ensure your petition is complete.

  1. Submit your petition by the deadline. All petitions should reach the Dean's Office five working days and reach the Office of the Registrar by 4:00 p.m. three working days preceding the meeting of the Committee on Academic Standards. Petitions received after a meeting time will be considered at the next available meeting date of the committee. See Academic Standards Committee Calendar for meeting dates.
  2. The Committee will notify you by email. To ensure you are informed of the committee's action regarding your request, please be sure to submit a correct email address on page one of the petition.