Grades/Marks and Undergraduate Grade Forgiveness Policy

Information regarding grades/marks and the Undergraduate Grade Forgiveness Policy is published in the Academic Regulations section of the Undergraduate Catalog of Studies.

Final Grades

Campus Council policy (1978) provides that instructors for on-campus courses are to report final grades as soon as possible and no later than two working days following the end of the final exam period.

Early Progress/Midterm Grades

The Campus Council has gone on record as "affirming the fundamental responsibility of instructors to inform students of their progress in courses as accurately and completely as possible." In meeting this responsibility, early progress/midterm grades are entered into the student information system by instructors during the sixth through the eighth week of class during the fall and spring terms for students in 1000- and 2000-level full-term courses. Instructors in upper-level and graduate classes may also enter midterm grades at their discretion.  Early progress grade reports are available to students as soon as they are submitted.  Reports are made available in the ninth week to the deans' offices for advising.

Entering/Changing Grades

For more information on entering and changing grades, refer to the following documentation:

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