Update Personal Information

To ensure that you receive important documents and communications from the university, it is vital that you keep your contact information always up to date.

Address Change

Current Students

Login to UAConnect and then navigate to: Profile » Addresses

Former Students

If you attended the University of Arkansas in Fall 1992 or later, fill out and submit the Address Change form.

Former Students (pre-1992)

If you last attended prior to Fall of 1992, please update your address at the Alumni Association address page.

University Faculty & Staff

Faculty and staff update their address in Workday.

Emergency Contact Information

Having your current emergency contact information on record in UAConnect is vital in the event you are unable to contact others yourself. Updating your emergency contact information (not to be confused with the RazAlert notification system) is easy and takes only a few moments of your time. Simply log in to your Student Center in UAConnect and click on “Emergency Contacts” under your Profile tab to make your updates.

Name Change

To request a name change, send a completed and signed Name Change form with legal documentation to the Registrar's office at 141 Uptown East, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR 72701. Proper documentation is a marriage license, divorce decree, birth certificate or court order. For work done prior to Fall 1992, the original name will remain on the paper record.

Requests to change a preferred first name should be sent to registra@uark.edu from the student's UARK email account.  Preferred name changes only include changes to the first name and do not change the official primary first name that is part of the student record.  Students needing to officially change a middle or last name must complete the Name Change form above.

Gender Change

To change the gender designation on your academic record, complete and sign a Declaration of Gender Change form, provide acceptable legal documentation and submit the request to the Office of the Registrar.

Acceptable legal documents include:

  1. Birth certificate or court order legalizing the gender identity;
  2. Pre- or post-operative documentation from a qualified health care provider;
  3. Letter of support from a qualified mental health professional; or
  4. Driver's license or passport reflecting the new gender identity (must be presented in person).