The Faculty Handbook addresses commencement attendance in the following policy.

At least one-third of the faculty members from each college should attend May and one-third should attend the December Commencement, as predetermined by the dean. Faculty are expected to be present and to take part in the academic procession, unless excused by the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. The wearing of appropriate academic regalia is required at such functions. Faculty members who do not own academic regalia may rent them through the University Bookstore.

Faculty are asked to arrive 40 minutes prior to the ceremony to be checked in and line up for the procession.

Fall Ceremonies

Fall commencement is scheduled every year on the third Saturday in December. Please visit our Fall Commencement page for complete details. The ceremony will be held in John Barnhill Arena. Graduates from all colleges will be honored in one united event.

Spring Ceremonies

The spring ceremony is always held on the second Saturday of May. Please visit our Spring Commencement page for complete details.


Students receive one set of regalia per degree. Learn more about standard regalia, Commencement regalia, and regalia pick up.