Student Regalia Distributed Through the University Bookstore

Students receive one set of regalia per degree. Standard regalia is covered by the graduation application fee and includes the following items for each degree:


  • 1 four point “mortarboard” cap
  • 1 Bachelor level gown
  • 1 Black tassel with yeardate


  • 1 four point “mortarboard” cap
  • 1 Masters level gown
  • 1 degree specific tassel with yeardate
  • 1 degree specific hood with U of A school colors


  • 1x four point “mortarboard” cap
  • 1x Doctorate level gown
  • 1x degree specific tassel with yeardate
  • 1x degree specific hood with U of A school colors

Regalia Ordered by Departments

Restricted to one set per student. Currently departments can order any reasonable amount in excess of their projected need.

  • L33 double sided stole: Red and White
  • Double honors cord: Red and White

All requests for regalia other than the items above are purchased by the department themselves. Examples of the requests for additional items include:

  • Extra student regalia: caps, gowns, tassels, hoods
  • Different colored stoles: all gold, all silver, all red, gold circle
  • Specialty cords: triple braided cords, double braided cords, military cords

Commencement Regalia Policy

  • Candidates for degrees must wear robes appropriate to their degree without additional adornment.
  • Graduate candidates for master's, educational specialist, law degrees or Ph.D. and Ed.D. degrees wear hoods around their necks and down their backs.
  • Undergraduate degree candidates who will graduate with honors wear stoles. The cardinal stole is worn by graduates with honors; the white stole is worn by graduates achieving high honors; and the white stole with a cardinal and white cord is awarded to graduates with highest honors. Eligible students receive the honors stoles and cords from their college.
  • Cords or stoles (except red and white colors) and medallions from college and national honor societies with a university affiliation will be allowed.  Red and white cords or stoles are reserved for university honors only. 
  • Undergraduate degree candidates place tassels on the right side of the mortarboard until their degrees are conferred at the All University Commencement. The tassels are switched to the left side as a part of the ceremony and are worn on that side at college and school ceremonies and any time thereafter.
  • Undergraduate students enrolled in Fulbright College with a grade point average of 3.8 or better graduate with distinction and wear a red and white tassel.


All other adornments and ornamentation including pins, flowers or brooches will not be allowed. Graduates will be asked to remove any adornments that have not been approved prior to entering the arena floor.

All adornments (including cords) must be approved by the University Commencement Committee at least 30 days prior to the graduation ceremony. Letters or emails requesting approval should be sent to Requests should include the contact information for the relevant national honor society and a description of the adornment.

Regalia Pick-Up

Regalia will be available for pick up at the University Bookstore during the week of Graduate Salute and during the week of the ceremony.  Students not participating in commencement who still want to receive their regalia must pick it up during the term of their graduation.  Visit the University Bookstore graduation website for detailed information on pick-up times and options.

More Information

Complete information regarding regalia is available for students, faculty and staff at the University Bookstore graduation website. If you have further questions, you may also contact the Graduation Department of the University Bookstore at 479-575-3378 or