Arkansas Course Transfer System (ACTS)

The Arkansas Course Transfer System (ACTS) is a post-secondary education resource service coordinated by the Arkansas Department of Higher Education (ADHE). ACTS provides course information to facilitate student transfer within Arkansas public colleges and universities. The ACTS database contains faculty-generated comparable course information for a number of courses offered at public institutions in Arkansas. Comparable courses within ACTS are guaranteed to transfer for full credit to any Arkansas public institution. Course transferability is not guaranteed for courses listed in ACTS as "No Comparable Course." Find out more at the Arkansas Course Transfer System website. Questions regarding ACTS may be directed to an academic advisor or the Office of the Registrar.

The chart below provides the University of Arkansas course equivalents for each of the ACTS courses offered on campus. ACTS course numbers are also identified in the course title of the equivalent UA course. For instance, the course title for ANTH 1023 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology is listed as:

ANTH 1023 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (ACTS Equivalency = ANTH 2013).

Both this chart and the information in the course description are designed to assist students in identifying UA courses which are guaranteed to transfer between Arkansas public institutions.

ACTS Course University of Arkansas Course Number
ANTH 2013 Cultural Anthropology ANTH 1023 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ARTA 1003 Art Appreciation ARHS 1003 Basic Course in the Arts: Art Lecture
ARTA 2003 Art History Survey I ARHS 2913 Art History Survey I
ARTA 2103 Art History Survey II ARHS 2923 Art History Survey II
BIOL 1014 Biology for Majors 1 BIOL 1543/1541 Principles of Biology and Lab
BIOL 1034 Botany for Majors 1 BIOL 1613/1611 Plant Biology and Lab
BIOL 1054 Zoology 1 BIOL 1603/1601 Principles of Zoology and Lab
BIOL 2004 Introductory Microbiology 1 BIOL 2013/2011 General Microbiology and Lab
BIOL 2404 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 1, 2 BIOL 2443/2441 Human Anatomy and Lab
BIOL 2414 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 1, 2 BIOL 2213/2211 Human Physiology and Lab
CHEM 1004 Chemistry I for General Education 1 CHEM 1053/1051 Chemistry in the Modern World and Lab
CHEM 1214 Chemistry I for Health Related Professions 1 CHEM 1073/1071 Fundamentals of Chemistry and Lab
CHEM 1224 Chemistry II for Health Related Professions 1 CHEM 2613/2611 Organic Physiological Chemistry and Lab
CHEM 1414 Chemistry I for Science Majors 1 CHEM 1213/121L Chemistry for Majors I and Lab for Chemistry Majors
CHEM 1424 Chemistry II for Science Majors 1 CHEM 1223/122L Chemistry for Majors II and Lab for Chemistry Majors
CRJU 1023 Introduction to Criminal Justice CMJS 2003 Introduction to Criminal Justice
DRAM 1003 Theatre Appreciation DRAM 1003 Basic Course in the Arts: Theatre Appreciation
ECON 2103 Principles of Macroeconomics ECON 2013 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 2203 Principles of Microeconomics ECON 2023 Principles of Microeconomics
ENGL 1013 Composition I ENGL 1013 Composition I
ENGL 1023 Composition II ENGL 1023 Composition II
ENGL 2013 Introduction to Creative Writing ENGL 2023 Creative Writing I
ENGL 2023 Introduction to Technical Writing ENGL 3053 Technical and Report Writing
ENGL 2113 World Literature I WLIT 1113 World Literature I
ENGL 2123 World Literature II WLIT 1123 World Literature II
ENGL 2653 American Literature I ENGL 2343 Survey of American Literature from the Colonial Period through Naturalism
ENGL 2663 American Literature II ENGL 2353 Survey of Modern American Literature
ENGL 2683 British Literature II ENGL 2313 Survey of English Literature from 1700 to 1900
FREN 1013 French I FREN 1003 Elementary French I
FREN 1023 French II FREN 1013 Elementary French II
FREN 2013 French III FREN 2003 Intermediate French I
FREN 2023 French IV FREN 2013 Intermediate French II
GEOG 1113 Human Geography GEOG 1123 Human Geography
GEOG 2103 World Regional Geography GEOG 2003 World Regional Geography
GEOL 1114 Physical Geology 1 GEOL 1113/1111 General Geology and Lab
GEOL 1124 Environmental Geology 1 GEOL 1133/1131 Environmental Geology and Lab
GERM 1013 German I GERM 1003 Elementary German I
GERM 1023 German II GERM 1013 Elementary German II
GERM 2013 German III GERM 2003 Intermediate German I
GERM 2023 German IV GERM 2013 Intermediate German II
HIST 1113 World Civilizations I HIST 1113 Institutions and Ideas of World Civilizations I
HIST 1123 World Civilizations II HIST 1123 Institutions and Ideas of World Civilizations II
HIST 2113 United States History I HIST 2003 History of the American People to 1877
HIST 2123 United States History II HIST 2013 History of the American People, 1877 to Present
MATH 1003 College Math MATH 2183 Mathematical Reasoning in a Quantitative World
MATH 1103 College Algebra MATH 1203 College Algebra
MATH 1203 Plane Trigonometry MATH 1213 Plane Trigonometry
MATH 1305 Pre-Calculus MATH 1284C Precalculus Mathematics
MATH 2103 Introduction to Statistics STAT 2303 Principles of Statistics
MATH 2203 Survey of Calculus MATH 2043 Survey of Calculus
MATH 2405 Calculus I MATH 2554 Calculus I
MATH 2505 Calculus II MATH 2564 Calculus II
MATH 2603 Calculus III MATH 2574 Calculus III
MUSC 1003 Music Appreciation MLIT 1003 Basic Course in the Arts: Music Lecture
PHIL 1003 Introduction to Critical Thinking PHIL 2103 Introduction to Ethics
PHIL 1003 Introduction to Critical Thinking PHIL 2203 Logic
PHIL 1103 Philosophy PHIL 2003 Introduction to Philosophy
PHSC 1104 Earth Science 1 GEOL 4924 Earth System History
PHSC 1204 Introduction to Astronomy 1 ASTR 2003/2001 Survey of the Universe and Lab
PHYS 2014 Algebra/Trigonometry-Based Physics I 1 PHYS 2013/2011 College Physics I and Lab
PHYS 2024 Algebra/Trigonometry-Based Physics II 1 PHYS 2033/2031 College Physics II and Lab
PHYS 2034 Calculus-Based Physics I 1 PHYS 2054 University Physics I and Lab
PHYS 2044 Calculus-Based Physics II 1 PHYS 2074 University Physics II and Lab
PLSC 2003 American National Government PLSC 2003 American National Government
PLSC 2103 State and Local Government PLSC 2203 State and Local Government
PSYC 1103 General Psychology PSYC 2003 General Psychology
PSYC 2103 Developmental Psychology PSYC 3093 Developmental Psychology
SOCI 1013 Introduction to Sociology SOCI 2013 General Sociology
SOCI 2013 Social Problems SOCI 2033 Social Problems
SPAN 1013 Spanish I SPAN 1003 Elementary Spanish I
SPAN 1023 Spanish II SPAN 1013 Elementary Spanish II
SPAN 2013 Spanish III SPAN 2003 Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 2023 Spanish IV SPAN 2013 Intermediate Spanish II
SPCH 1003 Introduction to Oral Communication COMM 1313 Public Speaking
BLAW 2003 Legal Environment of Business 3 BLAW 2013 The Legal Environment of Business
  1. Student must complete lecture and lab for full credit.
  2. Human Anatomy and Physiology I and Human Anatomy and Physiology II must be taken at the same institution to be transferable.
  3. Accounting and business courses are not general education core courses.