Transfer and Test Credit

The University of Arkansas awards transfer credit to students in a number of different ways. Please refer to the Transfer of Credit in the Academic Regulations section of the Catalog of Studies for the policies controlling the granting of credit for course work taken at another institution. In evaluating transfer of credit, the Registrar’s Office uses guidelines which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The transcript from the transfer institution must be official (sealed or received directly from the institution) and current (issued within one year of submission). Click here for more information on submitting your college transcript to the University of Arkansas.
  • The course work is taken at an institution of higher education which has been accredited by a regional accrediting agency.
  • The course work is not technical, vocational, or remedial (developmental) in nature.
  • The course work is applicable to a baccalaureate degree.
  • The course has a grade of C or better.

Grades earned at another institution are not computed in the University of Arkansas cumulative grade point average. The acceptance of courses for general transfer, whether listed as designated, core, or limited, does not constitute acceptance of the transfer courses or the university’s courses for the fulfillment of degree requirements. You should read carefully the requirements for graduation in the appropriate college section of the catalog and consult with the Dean’s Office of the college which will grant your degree.

Students can petition to have up to six hours of "D" grades transfer for degree credit with the Petition for "D" Grades or Non-Accredited Institution form.

To view your transfer credit report, current students need to login to UAConnect at and navigate Student Center » Academics. Select View UA Transfer Credit. Click the "Go To" button.  Students attending orientation will be provided a copy of their transfer credit report during orientation.

If you have more than one institution from which you transferred and an official transcript has not been sent to the University of Arkansas, this course work will not be listed on your transfer credit report. Course work that has not been completed on the official transcript will not be posted to your transfer credit report. Please remember to send a completed transcript when all course work has been completed.

Transfer Planning Guide

The Transfer Planning Guide allows students to compare courses at their transfer institution with the major they plan to pursue at the U of A. Search results provide students and their advisors a way to  view U of A major requirements alongside any matching courses at their transfer institution that have been previously evaluated by the U of A.  The guide is automatically updated as changes are made in transfer course evaluations and requirements for University of Arkansas degrees.  Transfer students should use the Transfer Planning Guide in consultation with their advisor.

Transfer Credit Petition

If you have reviewed your transfer credit report and do not agree with the course evaluation, you may petition the transfer evaluation by submitting the Petition of Transfer Credit form. Course descriptions and/or a Course Syllabus must accompany the form. Completed forms are submitted to the Registrar’s Office, 141 Uptown East (UPTE), 1 University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR 72701.

  • Courses that are transferred with the course number ending in two T’s, i.e. 199TT, will transfer as a University Core Requirement in that subject area. 
  • Courses that transferred with the course number ending in one T, i.e. 199T, will transfer as elective credit only.
  • An appointment with your academic adviser should be scheduled before a transfer petition for these courses are completed.

Any questions regarding your Transfer Credit Evaluation should be discussed with your academic advisor.