Scheduling Rooms

Any change in general classroom use that has an impact on the availability of classroom facilities for the university must be approved by the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs as soon as possible, but no later than September 1 for the changes affecting the spring term and February 1 for changes affecting the summer/fall terms. Formal notice should be given to the Office of the Registrar of all class activities for which the schedule, location or registration deviates from the regular university schedule so that appropriate procedures may be developed. Examples of such classes are those that do not meet for the entire semester, or for which the examinations are given at some time other than is scheduled for the lectures and laboratories.

Room Scheduling

All room assignments into general purpose classroom space or auditoriums will be handled by the centralized scheduling unit.

Please be realistic in setting the Requested Room Capacity value for classes. This value will be used by the batch scheduling process to determine if a room is large enough to hold the class. For combined section classes, the values in this field will be totaled to determine the required room size. It is recommended that the requested room size be kept within 10 seats of the enrollment capacity of the class.

Observe the 65/35 prime-time section scheduling rule. At least 35% of a department’s class sections requiring classroom space must be scheduled for non-prime times. This is to help ensure the availability of classroom space and to decrease scheduling conflicts for students created by too many classes in a concentrated period of time. Non-prime sections are those with starting times before 9:30 a.m. and after 2:30 p.m.

Classes must use the standard class period times, unless an exception has been approved. Room assignments for classes meeting outside the standard class periods will be made after the centralized batch scheduling process is complete.

Once the centralized batch scheduling begins, no changes to the Schedule of Classes can be made for classes requiring general access classrooms. While the batch scheduling process to assign general access rooms for classes is taking place, college schedulers are encouraged to begin assigning their special purpose rooms in R25 to classes that have been identified as needing a special purpose room. Examples of these are classes needing to be held in science labs or seminar rooms.