Scheduling Classes

The colleges will be notified when the Schedule of Classes has been copied from one semester to the next so they can begin entering the needed changes and updates for the new term. Deadlines for completing our additions and changes will be included in the notification, or "Call for Classes". Our goal is to have the schedule available for student use 4 to 6 weeks prior to the Advance Registration period for the term.

  • As an aid to complying with ACT 1014 (Eight Semester Degree Completion Program), catalog term designations are now being enforced.
  • The March 31, 1989 memorandum from Dr. Pederson to the Deans states that if a class requires a significant purchase of supplies, inordinate time commitments or unusual time requirements, then these must be listed in the Schedule of Classes. Please include this information in the Class Notes section to appear in the detail of the Schedule of Classes.
  • See instructions for running the Schedule of Classes report.

Standard Class Period Times

Please note that classes must use the standard class period times, unless an exception has been approved. The standard class time period is defined in the Academic Policy Series 1200.30. The agreed-upon exceptions are laboratories that use laboratory facilities only. To request all other exceptions, please fill out the Official Class Times Exception form. Please keep in mind that assigning class space to odd times not only makes it more difficult for students to schedule their classes, but it also impacts efficient utilization of classroom space.

Scheduling Classes Approved for Class Names

Classes that are approved for Class Names (such as special topics and seminars) need to have a topic assigned for each section of the class being offered. If the desired topic does not already exist in UAConnect, it needs to be added to the Course Catalog by the Office of the Registrar. Please email the curriculum management team with these requests. Do not add class names or other text in the "Free Format Topic" field on the Meetings tab when scheduling classes.

Deleting a Scheduled Class

Should you need to delete a class once it's been scheduled, please remember to cancel first (and save); then the class can be deleted altogether.

Class Associations

In anticipation of the campus-wide roll out of Wait Listing, it is increasingly more important that all classes have a unique class association number for each section you schedule. This marks a change from the previous stipulation that only classes scheduled under a MIN offering OR that allow multiple enrollment in a term be set up this way.

Classes with zero-credit hour components must have unique association numbers for the lecture sections, and an association of 9999 for the labs or drills if you want those component sections to be taken with any lecture section. Exceptions to this would be for those lecture sections you want tied to a specific drill or lab component section; in this case, it is acceptable to duplicate the class association between the lecture and the component.

Changing Class Component Types

When changes for the component types of a class are needed, it must be changed on Course Catalog first. For example, a previously listed class with the component of lecture (LEC) now needs to be listed as a seminar (SEM). Discrepancies between component type on the Schedule of Classes and on Course Catalog will prevent the ability to create a grade roster for the class. Please notify the curriculum management team if you need a component changed.