Classroom Availability for Remote Access and Study

Classrooms across campus are being made available to students for places to access their remote class or to study between classes. These rooms are only available when not being used for scheduled classes.

The capacity represents the limit allowed for social distancing. Students are responsible for wearing a mask and maintaining at least a six-foot distance between others in the room. Students who approach a room that is at capacity should not enter it and should locate another room to access.

Classroom Availability Monday – Friday from 8am to 9pm

The following classrooms are available M-F from 8am to 9pm for remote access and study:

Building Room Capacity
Agriculture Building (AGRI) AGRI0301A  9
Kimpel Hall (KIMP) KIMP0211  16
Kimpel Hall (KIMP) KIMP0411  14
Old Main (MAIN) MAIN0204 7
Walton College of Business (WCOB) WCOB0203 15
Peabody Hall (PEAH) PEAH0204 7
W. J. Walker Hall (WJWH) WJWH0114  14
JB Hunt Center (JBHT) JBHT0149 17
Champions Hall (CHPN) CHPN0413  7
Champions Hall (CHPN) CHPN0426  9
Science Engineering Hall (SCEN) SCEN0204  10

Classroom Availability by Building

  • Click on a building and select the day/date for your request
  • Look for the event, “Student Study Rooms” to see when the room is available to use for studying or accessing a remote delivery course
  • Hover over the room number to view the social distancing capacity

Click here for a map of outdoor areas with Wi-Fi coverage.