UAConnect (Integrated Student Information System) to become UAConnect

The start of two years of successive widespread changes to UAConnect, the campus integrated student information system, will officially kick off on January 11 with two primary system enhancements.  At 6 a.m. Monday, the UAConnect name will be retired and the system will be known as UAConnect.  In addition, the method by which students, faculty and staff log in to UAConnect will change.

While planning for the long-term major upgrades currently scheduled over the next two years, it was decided that the name UAConnect, or integrated student information system, failed to reflect the growth and evolution of the 15-year-old system.  It was determined the new name, UAConnect, better reflects the system’s integral connection to campus for students, faculty, staff and parents.

The second update being unveiled on Monday is a new method for logging in to the system for faculty and staff users.  Both groups are currently required to use a system-specific password for both UAConnect and UAConnect Reporting. Starting Monday, all campus users will log in to UAConnect using single sign-on through the UARK Central Login.  This change will allow students, faculty and staff to log in with the same uark credentials they currently use for email and other campus databases.  In addition, this will eliminate the need for faculty and staff to have one or more extra passwords to contend with.

In order to make the first two enhancements available to campus, UAConnect and UAConnect Reporting will be unavailable from 2 a.m. Saturday, January 9 until 6 a.m. on Monday, January 11, when UAConnect will be unveiled. 

A new name and method of logging in are just the beginning.  Over the course of the next two years we will be announcing enhancements and updates to the appearance and usability of UAConnect.