Reset Email and UAConnect Login Account

You can activate your UARK account, change your password and retrieve your password if you have forgotten it at password manager.

  • Expired Passwords: Log into password manager with your expired password, create a new password and confirm.
  • Forgotten Passwords: If you have forgotten your password, you can retrieve it with a previously set security question. Go to Forgotten Password to use your security question and reset your password. If you don't have a security question or can't remember it, see the section below to learn how to renew your account.
  • Account Renewal: If you have not set up a security question and answer and you have forgotten your password, follow the steps below to renew your account.
    1. Go to the IT Services Help Desk, Registrar or one of the General Access Computing Labs in the Arkansas Union or Mullins Library with a photo ID during business hours.

      Distance students can fax or email (preferred) the password reset form available on the Registrar’s website. Staff will reset your password, call the student (or email the student if the form was sent from a personal email account already on file with the university) at the number listed on the Password Reset form and give the student the authorization code and further instructions.

    2. After your account has been reset by a staff member, follow these instructions.